You can enroll with Care Wireless Lifeline Assistance Program to get your free phone and monthly minutes by following one of the following:

NOTE: By Law, the Lifeline Program is only available for one (1) phone per household.

You are required to send a COPY of any current document that proves your participation in one of the programs based on which you qualify and have selected. All documents must have the same name and address as provided in the application.

Please note that Care Wireless is a Lifeline supported service. Lifeline is a federal benefit, and only eligible subscribers may enroll. Customers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or can be barred from the program. Lifeline is available for only one line per household. A household is defined as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses. A household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple providers. Violation of the one-per-household rule constitutes a violation of FCC rules, and will result in the Customer's de-enrollment from Lifeline. Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit, and a Customer may not transfer his or her benefit to another person.