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Care Wireless works with many organizations to help where needed. Our goal is to touch as many lives as we can through community outreach and by building relationships.

Care Wireless works with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless to help in the mission of eliminating homelessness. Proceeds from Care Wireless sales go to help raise awareness about the homeless epidemic.

Every year, Care Wireless and parent company PlatinumTel donate food to help the Chicago Food Depository feed those in need. In 2011, Care Wireless gave 4 pallets of food, matching donations by employees and vendors.

Care Wireless is proud to work with the local YMCA to educate consumers on the availability of the Lifeline Program. As the YMCA helps people get back on their feet, we enjoy working with them to help them stay connected.

For many years, we have enjoyed providing meals to the families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Our staff enjoys preparing and serving the meals, and visiting with the families.

Care Wireless' parent company ran a breast cancer awareness campaign where $5 from every pink phone sold went to help build awareness about breast cancer with Y-ME.
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Care Wireless staff served food to families staying in the Ronald McDonald House. Care Wireless staff serving food to some of the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House generously provides toys to children staying there. Care Wireless donated 192 baby bibs to the Me Fine Foundation to help families with sick children. Care Wireless donated hair accessories to help support Locks of Love to help children. Care Wireless placed donation bins throughout the company for staff to donate to Locks of Love.

Care Wireless believes in the community. We believe that in order to build a strong and prosperous community everyone should do their part.

Building strong communities starts by being involved with the people in those communities.

We care about keeping people connected with their family and friends. That's why we've gone to great lengths to inform and educate consumers about the federally supported Lifeline Program.

We have been able to do this through direct outreach to the consumer by working with local organizations, charities, libraries, youth organizations, religious organizations, direct mail program, and television.

Since March 2011, we have contacted over 1.1 Million consumers through direct mail to help them enroll in the Lifeline Program. We have also done outreach workshops to help people learn about and enroll in the Lifeline Program.

Contact us today if you would like to offer Care Wireless through your organization. Providing Care Wireless will help your organization by:

  • Offering a needed service to your visitors
  • Compensating your organization to help you add more resources
  • Giving your visitors the ability to stay connected with their family and friends

To learn more about our Care Agent Outreach Program, and to start adding resources to your Organization: